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The Association welcomes membership from growers and those associated with the industry. The Association is committed to the challenging task of developing a relatively young industry with demonstrated potential, through informed information sharing, standards setting, market building, research and development and improved networking and information sharing among growers. We welcome those who encourage the further development of our industry.Association membership runs for 12 months, the current calendar year .  You will get an automated renewal as the date draws due. Payments are in Australian Dollars.Membership of the Association is $200 a year. You can be an Associate Member if you have not planted yet or have less than 100 trees. As an Associate you have all the member benefits except voting rights.
New members are welcome to join at any time during the year but membership runs for 12 months from the 1st of January. Renewing members can use our online system and both renewing and new members are encouraged to pay by Pay Pal as this makes the work of our volunteer secretariat easier.

  •  Read about  the rules of membership in the Constitution here
  •  Complete the Association Membership Form here
  •  Credit card/paypal payment gives you instant access to the Members website content (other payments options available)
  •  We can better  ensure we have your details correct if you also fill the form in online. If you don’t have people to nominate you, the Committee can do that for you, just tell us how you heard about the Association.
  •  Pay your fee – preferably by Pay Pal but other payment methods are outlined below.
  •  When your payment comes through, it will be acknowledged automatically by email. There will be a copy available in your Member area for tax purposes. You will then have access to the website. If you pay by direct deposit, we have to give you access manually so it could take a day or two.
  •  When your membership is formally approved, you will be advised personally by email. New membership applications will  be formally considered by a meeting of the Membership Committee. In the unlikely event you will not be approved, your payment will be refunded.

There are two classes of membership.
1. Ordinary Member – An ordinary member means a person who is either;             
              i. a bona fide Truffle Growers, having (owning or leasing) more than 100 planted trees and/or            
              ii. a truffle seller/exporter
2. Associate Member – An associate member means a person who intends to establish a truffle farm but who has not yet planted truffle infected plants, or a person who has a genuine interest in the future growth of the truffle industry in Australia. Associate members may become ordinary members when they meet the criteria above.

  • Renew online by going to their online members page.  (There’s an ‘I forgot my password please resend’ there too, we know how that happens.)
  • Pay your fee – preferably by the Pay Pal gateway using a credit card or your PayPal account if you have one, but other payment methods are outlined below. When your payment comes through, it will be acknowledged by email. You can download a PDF invoice from your members area.
  • Renewing members who wish to check their membership details can check the Association’s membership database by their online members page, please update your member Profile Form  to make address, email address or other changes. It will also notify us of the changes.

The Association’s constitution can be found here as a PDF.

The Association’s Executive or designated Membership Committee will consider all applications for membership. If the Applicant is a Partnership recognised by the Association, each Partner shall join in the signing of the application and a single membership fee is payable. The Applicant may be a Company or any other body corporate, in which case an Officer of such Company or other body corporate shall make the application.Offline applications should be forwarded to;

The Secretary
Australian Truffle Grower’s Association
PO Box 1564,

  •     Credit Card through the PayPal gateway from your Members page or the Sign up page.
  •     You don’t need to JOIN Pay Pal, just choose the ‘Pay now with Credit Card’ option.
  •     Pay Pal if you have a Pay Pal account.
  •     Direct Deposit – using your own electronic transfer facility or dealing with the bank, please ensure you put your name in your member area and use the code supplied in the “Reference” field when you BSB. Otherwise we often can’t match your Profile name and your bank account name. 

Transfers to:   
The Australian Truffle Growers Association Inc   
BSB: 142001  
Account Number 127711400
Please email us with the details of the transfer as soon as you can quoting the Invoice ID on the screen.