So, you’re writing about truffles. Thank you on behalf of the Australian Truffle Growers Association (there’s a bit about us on this page).
We realise you are on your usual deadline, so a Google search and cut and paste is your prime research tool. Which is fine if you understand what you’re talking about, but if you haven’t tried eating truffles and have been given wildly different information to make sense of, it is hard.

If that’s you, this page is here to help. We’ve seen lots of stories where we thought we’d shared the right information that gets mangled on publication and laughed at.

You’re welcome to cut and paste and if you can wangle it, a mention of the Australian Truffle Growers Association website is all we’d like in return especially for online stories. While we will occasionally wax lyrical about this product we love, this page is concise as we can make it. There are some expandable sections with links to other material if you need it.

We are acutely aware that information you need is different from someone writing in Europe where truffles have been part of their culture and a seasonal produce for centuries (but even they get it confused as well.) In Australia where this is a relatively new agricultural crop the first inoculated tree plantings were in 1995 in Tasmania with the first truffles found three to four years later, but it was almost ten years before good commercial quantities were harvested.

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