The Truffle Growers Association aim is to promote the growth and development of the truffle industry in Australia.Truffle growing has now been established in Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and New South Wales.The Australian Truffle Growers Association is the national industry body for Australian truffle growers. 

As a membership organisation, we work to network growers across the country. We hold conferences annually, as well as workshops and seminars.  There are ongoing R&D projects, and an ever-growing library of research papers and journals for members in our private members area.This website however is structured to provide a general information base for people who are interested in truffles.

As a member (it costs just $200 a year) you will have access to videos, technical papers and our Beginners Guide to Truffle Growing, a members supported Wiki.

Please take the time to read the pages of our website which detail the structure and purpose of the association, as well as basic information on truffle growing.