Shock for importer of Tuber magnatum into Western Australia.

Shock for importer of Tuber magnatum into Western Australia.

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The ‘large’ white truffle – Tuber Magnatum imported 2015 for the ATGA conference dinner in Queanbeyan NSW.

This week a purveyor of truffles and fine food attempted to import some new season Tuber magnatum of Italian origin into Western Australia, only to be advised their entry was not permitted. The importer remonstrated with the Quarantine Officer that he had been importing T. magnatum into WA and other States for years without problem. The Officer held his ground and produced a copy of the “West Australian Organism List”. This document of the WA Department of Agriculture and Food lists all foods and organisms which can be imported into the State. If it’s not on the list, it can’t be imported unless a special permit which complies with various phytosanitary requirements and provenance is purchased and granted. The only truffle species that can be imported from interstate, or over-seas, without that special permit is Tuber melanosporum. The other States allow a variety of Tuber species including magnatum.

It appears previous imports of T. magnatum may have contravened WA quarantine regulations and WA Quarantine are now strictly observing the rules. So if ATGA Members (or anyone else, for that matter) are thinking of importing T. magnatum into WA for personal or commercial consumption they would be well advised to check out the WA Quarantine website or ring for advice before ordering their truffles.

In the meantime, Members of the TPWA Executive have applied to have T. magnatum and T. borchii included on the WA Organism List. Given these species are allowed into the other States it is expected that the updating of the list will be a minor formality that should be executed presently.

Peter Stahle
President ATGA


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