Farm Biosecurity newsletter September 2016

Farm Biosecurity newsletter September 2016

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FarmBiosecurity2Sept2016snapThe latest Farm Biosecurity newsletter from the Farm Biosecurity Program (which is a joint initiative of Animal Health Australia (AHA) and Plant Health Australia (PHA)) is online here now.

Of interest to Truffle Growers is the  final video in the Program’s ‘Biosecurity Essentials’ series. It’s called Biosecurity practice helps make production perfect
and it features friend of the ATGA Alison Saunders (our contact at RIRDC for many years)  and a Hilltops NSW premium quality walnut and chestnut producer.  Alison was a speaker at our 2013 Mittagong Conference and AGM.

The video provides a valuable insight into the type of activities you can do, every day, within the structure of your daily farm management routines to enhance biosecurity. If you’re into videos, remember the FarmBiosecurity YouTube Channel . It features lots of people with Akubras who know their stuff.


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