About Us

The industry

The Australian truffle industry is a growing industry that is establishing a reputation as world class in its production, processing and supply of high quality truffles, to both a discerning domestic and international market. Truffle growing has now been established in Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. Please click here for recent estimates of grower numbers by State.

The association

The mission of the Australian Truffle Growers Association is to promote the growth and development of the truffle industry in Australia by:

  • Having informed growers and sellers
  • Creating awareness of the industry
  • Researching best practice in all aspects of the industry
  • Sharing information.

biobags 2By working together to engage whole of industry, R&D researchers and providers of new technology, the association has developed quality standards and is ensuring stakeholders are informed of new industry developments. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of a strong and vibrant truffle industry.

Our membership

As a membership organisation, the Truffle Growers Association is providing a platform for consumer information, education and industry communication. We have two classes of members:

Ordinary Member – An ordinary member is either;

  1. A bona fide Truffle Grower, having (owning or leasing) more than 100 planted trees, and/or
  2.  A truffle seller/exporter

Associate Member – An associate member is someone who intends to establish a truffle farm but who has not yet planted truffle innoculated trees, or a person who has a genuine interest in the future growth of the truffle industry in Australia. Associate members become Ordinary members when they have more than 100 planted trees, or become a truffle seller or exporter.

More information on membership is available on the join us page.  You can also download and read the Association’s constitution  here as a PDF.

Our website

Our website is currently being revamped so that general information on truffle growing in Australia is available to the public, and so there is also a significant support and information service in a “members only” section (currently being created). It is important to us that members are provided with a forum to exchange ideas and can keep themselves informed regarding the planting, management, harvesting and marketing of truffles.

Our affiliation with RIRDC

We work closely with the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC). Here are three of the latest publications relating to truffles that are of interest to anyone growing truffles, or considering growing truffles:

Focus on Truffles Research and Development

Priorities and Strategies for R, D and E for the Truffle Industry 2014 – 2019

Identifying the Cause of Rot in Black Truffles and Management Control Options (part one)

Identifying the Cause of Rot in Black Truffles and Management Control Options (part two)